Mike is genuinely glad you asked!I'm glad you asked! Let me answer some questions you might have about this word (or not), including its origin and its relevance to my story.

How do you pronounce it?
It's pronounced pretty much as it appears, and that second accented "é" gives you as clue. It is pronounced create-is-van.

I can't find that in a dictionary, with or without an accent.
Try saying it to your smartphone or other device in your natural voice. You don't need to adopt an accent. Klingon might work, but I wouldn't recommend it.

(Sigh) OK wise guy. I can't find that in a dictionary, with or without an accent OVER THAT SECOND E.  Better?
OOOH sorry, I misunderstood. Anyway, I first heard the word in a song on my parents' car radio. I was a youngster, don't know the exact age when I heard it. But I thought that was the word (or words) in the song's lyrics. It stuck with me, but I later found an opportunity to use it.

So now this is where I ask about that opportunity.
No you can't expand itI'm glad you asked. When I was a kid my career path was to become a cartoonist. In my senior year of high school I wanted to give a few of my closest friends a present that I created myself. I bought some poster board stock, probably around 25" wide by 15" tall; in the center I drew the name for the friend in block lettering, and had it surrounded by cartoon vignettes. I was so pleased with the result that I decided to continue that concept, with a key change: instead of the person's name in the center there would be some wording that would be the anchor.

So you called it "Creétisvan".
Not exactly. Originally there was no accent: it was pronounced cree-tis-van, as I had heard it on the aforementioned car radio. But while I used that word for the artwork itself, I wanted to brand it. That's why any surviving pieces are labled "MOT Creetisvan". MOT are the initials of my name: I'm the creator, and the artwork was the creation. Not unlike Ford Mustang, or Nestles' Quik. While originally it was done as a joke I later thought that others could create their own Creetisvans, so the branding in retrospect seemed appropriate.

And the accented "e"?
I had decided to use the word for the title of my album but as it was something personal and unknown to most folks I decided to add the accent to make the word "create" jump out when it was pronounced.

Where can we see this artwork?

I have a collage from various Creetisvans in the gatefold inner sleeve of the CD. I had planned on releasing the album on vinyl where the art could be large and clearly seen, but it would have to be a double album, and considering the costs involved with that a vinyl release may hinge on demand. But we'll see. In the meantime I put a couple of samples on this page.

How many Creetisvans did you draw?

I drew lots of them, maybe two or three dozen, possibly more. They started out being drawn on notebook paper with a felt tip pen--I might be hanging out at someone's place for a social gathering and drew them on the spot, which I would give to the host as a memento. I eventually took it a bit more seriously by creating them at home, where I increased the size to 10x10 inches and mounted on cardboard, and those were drawn with both a felt tip pen and a rapidiograph. The latter tool allowed me to add detail, much like was done by R. Crumb, one of my huge influences. I took that format beyond monochrome by adding color to them.

How many of those still exist today?

I only have five or six in my possession--I'd have to dig through boxes to be sure. Unfortunately most of the Creetisvans were given to long-lost friends and acquaintances, who may have discarded them. But who knows, maybe one or more of those folks still possesses them, and if so I urge them to get in touch. I'd love to revisit them.

What was the correlation between the art and the music?

Both covered a variety of styles. For that reason alone it seemed appropriate. Besides, there was lots of sex and drugs in the artwork--I was a hippie back in the day (guess I still am). The music completes the triad with rock and roll.

So, back to that word in your music: in one sentence, what is "Creétisvan"?
I'm glad you asked. "Creétisvan" is the new rock album from Mike Tiano that is melodic, adventurous, accessible, and above all tuneful.

Isn't that two sentences?
I'm glad you asked.


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